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Intelligent screw pump lifting system
General screw pump series for oil and gas extraction

Our downhole screw pumps use the latest manufacturing technology and advanced production technology to maintain high precision machining of the rotor, and the rotor surface is sprayed to provide superior wear resistance. To ensure that design performance is always achieved. A range of stator rubbers can be used to select the right type of pump for a variety of well fluid conditions, providing users with the best selection options and enjoy the lowest operating costs.

Technical parameters:
Displacement range :1-200m3/d/100rpm
Sand resistance: The maximum well fluid content is 5% sand
Head :≤2000m
Resistance to hydrogen sulfide: Maximum hydrogen sulfide content 4%
Temperature resistance grade :≤120℃
Well fluid gas content: 50% maximum volume ratio

Technical advantages:
1, the general type screw pump can achieve multiple rotors corresponding to a stator, in different stages of mining can be replaced by the rotor to achieve pump efficiency adjustment, realize the immovable string pump inspection operation.
2, according to different well conditions, with a variety of specifications of different series of rubber selection.
3, stator rubber: independent patent rubber and imported special rubber.

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