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Sludge treatment technology
If the sludge from industrial oil fields is discharged directly without treatment, it not only occupies a large amount of land, but also contains a large number of heavy metals and bacteria, which will produce odor and cause serious pollution of water, soil and atmosphere. At present, there are many treatment technologies for oily sludge. According to the requirements of reduction, harmfulness, recycling and comprehensive utilization, the relevant treatment methods can be summarized as follows: solvent extraction technology, chemical hot wash treatment technology, pyrolysis treatment technology, etc.

1. Solvent extraction technology
Solvent extraction technology refers to adding extraction solvent in industrial sludge, through sufficient mixing, so that the solvent and the oil in the sludge extraction reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the oil from the sludge, the recovered oil can be recycled.

2. Chemical hot wash treatment technology
The industrial sludge is diluted with water and then heated. At the same time, a certain amount of chemical reagent is added for repeated cleaning, so that the oil is desorbed or aggregated from the surface of the solid phase. Chemical hot wash treatment system includes sludge pretreatment, mixing, migration, dosing, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning, separation and water treatment, etc. The screening and use of chemical reagents is the key of chemical hot wash process.

3. Pyrolysis treatment technology
Pyrolysis treatment technology refers to the decomposition of heavy oil in industrial sludge into volatile low carbon hydrocarbon fuel, liquid fuel and solid carbon through sludge treatment equipment under the condition of heating, which is commonly referred to as fuel oil, combustible gas and carbon black. Dongying sludge treatment equipment can deal with industrial sludge, contaminated sludge and other raw materials, all products can be recycled, this technology has better direct economic and social benefits.

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