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How many ways are there to treat oil sludge? Introduction to disposal and utilization of waste oil sludge in oilfield
Oilfield sludge contains more oil, but also contains wax, asphaltene, gum and so on, other impurities less. Therefore, oil sludge has a high recovery value, and there are different ways to treat oil sludge in the market.

1. Direct landfill method

Although it is convenient to bury the collected oil sludge directly, it will pollute the surrounding soil and waste a lot of land resources. In addition, these harmful substances will eventually affect human health through the food chain when absorbed and enriched by animals and plants.

2. Injection formation treatment technology

Using abandoned oil Wells or special Wells as injection Wells and using pumps and wellhead devices to inject oil mud into Wells, this method is rarely used due to the internal environment of the formation. At the same time, this method will seriously affect the local soil and groundwater resources.

3. Curing treatment technology

A treatment in which oily sludge is encased in certain chemically inert solidified substrates and then disposed of in landfill. Among them, cement curing agent is widely used. Using this technology can reduce the pollution of soil by harmful substances in the sludge, simple equipment, low treatment cost; The disadvantage is that the amount of curing matrix is large, the curing range is limited, the crude oil is lost, and there is potential pollution. In addition, if the direct landfill method is adopted, the land resources will be wasted.

4. Incineration treatment technology

The oily sludge can be degummed and solidified into coal-like fuel, which can be mixed with coal or diesel for fuel use. This way to eliminate the harmful organic matter in the sludge, but incineration must be carried out in a special incinerator, and incineration requires relatively large fuel consumption, high cost, high energy consumption, easy coking, high technical requirements, there may be dust, dioxins, SO2 and other secondary pollution after incineration.

5, thermal cracking treatment technology

Thermal cracking treatment technology is the oil sludge in the anaerobic condition of heating to the cracking temperature of hydrocarbons, and then the hydrocarbons and water through condensation recovery. Thermal cracking treatment technology can greatly reduce the oil content of sludge, and can meet the discharge standards, strong treatment capacity, high economic benefits. The advantages of this technology are high calorific value, can be recycled, harmless thoroughly, large processing capacity, can achieve the oil content ≤0.3% of agricultural soil index, achieve farmland soil emission standards, achieve most of the oil recovery targets.

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