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Core competence
Talent is the source power of enterprise development, technology is the driving force of enterprise development. Companies adhering to the original intention, people-oriented management philosophy, strengthen management, strict requirements. Implement the "Trinity" principle of quality first, reputation first and customers first.
Core technology
1, integrated all metal screw pump, 4-6 meters integrated high precision without welding
2. The tool can meet the requirements of various types of submersible equipment and testing instruments, and keep effective insulation and sealing in the well fluid environment

3, 89mm small diameter integrated electric submersible screw pump

4, 90mm small diameter large torque latent oil reducer
5, anti-gas anti-corrosion type special screw pump, 60mm small diameter high-speed screw pump, can meet the special conditions of continuous application

6. Various types of non-standard extraction equipment and tools can be processed and customized

Quality product
Complete set of progressing cavity pump oil production equipment, coalbed methane special progressing cavity pump drainage gas production system, remote intelligent control system, oil and gas well level monitoring system, pumping unit energy saving control cabinet, ground mixed transmission progressing cavity pump device, oil field wax prevention device, rodless oil production complete set (new throw-up electric submersible screw pump, linear motor submersible oil pump).

Professional team
The company has a high-quality management and scientific research team, at the same time, some of the external technical experts with outstanding achievements in the field, the combination of old, middle-aged and young talent echelon, which is the guarantee of the company's market competitiveness and development potential, the company closely combines research institutes and relevant colleges and universities to carry out relevant scientific research projects, according to the needs of the oilfield has developed a number of patented products. It improves the production efficiency of oil and gas fields, guarantees production safety and reduces production costs.
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